paragraph: Technical Education (বাংলা অর্থসহ)

paragraph technical education

paragraph: Technical Education (বাংলা অর্থসহ) The word `technical’ means the practical use of machinery methods etc in science and industry. That’s why technical education means practical education. Hence we find two types of education one is practical and other is theoretical. he present age is the age of practical or …

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paragraph: Sound Pollution (বাংলা অর্থসহ)

paragraph Sound Pollution (বাংলা অর্থসহ)

paragraph: Sound Pollution (বাংলা অর্থসহ) The process of being harmful of a useful thing can be called pollution. When sound reaches unbearable stage, it is called sound pollution. The normal bearing limit of sound is 45 decibles. So, if sound crosses this limit, sound becomes polluted. আরো পড়ুন: paragraph: Load-shedding …

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